Albuquerque Institute For Mathematics and science

Administration Staff

Katharina Sandoval-Snider

Kathy Sandoval has a long history in the Albuquerque Educational community as an innovative educator. Under her leadership, AIMS@UNM has changed its name, partnered with UNM, amended its Charter to include a college bound mission, added a middle school , increased the rigor of the curriculum including AP classes, secured a beautiful facility on UNM campus, more than doubled the enrollment, tripled the dual credit enrollment and secured a global staff, curriculum and student body. Currently the students at AIMS@UNM in dual enrollment outperform the general population of both UNM and CNM and the school exceeds AYP goals.




Mr Hubka Assistant Principal
 Kevin Hubka

 A native of the Midwest, Mr. Hubka has over 25 years of experience in education, including
 teaching at a parochial school, small school districts, Rio Grande and West Mesa. Most 
 recently, he served for seven years as an assistant principal at Del Norte High School.
 He  speaks fluent Russian, French and Spanish, and has a love of chess! What a wealth of
 experience he brings!