Albuquerque Institute For Mathematics and science

Administration Staff

Katharina Sandoval-Snider

Kathy Sandoval has a long history in the Albuquerque Educational community as an innovative educator. Under her leadership, AIMS@UNM has changed its name, partnered with UNM, amended it’s Charter to include a college bound mission, added a middle school , increased the rigor of the curriculum including AP classes, secured a beautiful facility on UNM campus, more than doubled the enrollment, tripled the dual credit enrollment and secured a global staff, curriculum and student body. Currently the students at AIMS@UNM in dual enrollment outperform the general population of both UNM and CNM and the school exceeds AYP goals.




Assistant Principal
Bobby Cordova

A native of Albuquerque, Mr. Cordova has over 32 years of experience in education, including seven years as a math teacher at Taylor Middle School, fourteen years as a math teacher at Sandia High School, and six years as clinical support and  supervisor of teachers at the post-secondary level. Most recently, he served for six years 
as an assistant principal at Rio Grande.