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General Dual Credit Information

The dual credit process is unique to each institution. When students register for classes at local colleges, they become students of these institutions.  AIMS does not have access to student information at these schools.  AIMS also does not have the ability to view registration status, change registration status, or view student account information. Therefore, students are responsible for checking their emails (AIMS, CNM, UNM, or NMHU), having access to their college accounts, and corresponding with the dual credit department at the schools they are attending. Students must also pay attention to the academic calendar of the colleges they attend which will include important registration dates, drop dates, and start/end dates.  

Dual Credit Program at AIMS

AIMS has a dual credit agreement with the University of New Mexico (UNM) Albuquerque Campus only, Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), and New Mexico Highlands University (NMHU).

3 hours of College Credit = 1.0 High School Credit

College classes must be 3 credit hour college courses to receive credit.

College classes that are 1 credit hour or 2 credit hours do not count towards graduation.

All college classes taken will be added to your AIMS transcript, including F’s and W’s.

Dual Credit grades will affect the overall GPA of a college student and will have an impact on Lottery Scholarship eligibility of a 2.5 GPA for their first semester of college.

If a student wants to drop a class, they must do so through CNM, UNM, or NMHU before the drop deadline.

Student/parents/guardians are financially responsible for all course fees at the universities. 

TESTBOOKS: See Ms. Lujan for textbooks we have at AIMS. If we do not have it, purchase the book, save the receipt, and the student will be reimbursed upon receiving a C or better in the class.  We will not pay for books we already have.  See Ms. Lujan for a textbook reimbursement.

Courses required to graduate from AIMS:

1- Financial Literacy or Economics

1- Health or Nutrition

Prep for College Chemistry (Fall) and General Chemistry (Spring) @ UNM Junior year

1- Fine Arts or Practical Arts

1- College Math (Must be College Algebra or above)

5- Elective College Classes


AIMS students may begin CNM classes the summer after freshmen year. Students must take the Accuplacer. Students may not take IncludED courses unless they are willing to cover the IncludED cost.

Questions about registration status or student account information:

 Email or call (505)224-3352

Suggested Introduction Courses:

HWPS 1005 Survey of Health, Wellness, and Public Safety

HLTH 1020 Introduction to Health Careers

BCIS 1110 Fundamentals of Information Literacy and Systems

FIN 1010 Financial Literacy Complete


UNM Dual Credit Process PDF Link 

AIMS students may begin UNM classes the summer after sophomore year. Students will need an Accuplacer score, SAT, or ACT score for some courses. Students must have and maintain a cumulative 2.5 GPA at AIMS and UNM in order to stay eligible to be a dual credit student at UNM. Students will become ineligible if they receive below a 2.5 GPA or receive a W in a class.

AIMS students are required to take Prep for College Chemistry (Fall Junior Year) and General Chemistry with a lab (Spring Junior Year) at UNM with their AIMS Chemistry class.

Students can only take classes on the Dual Credit Master Agreement List:

UNM allows students to take only 1 dual credit class their first semester and 2 dual credit classes per semester after:

For questions about registration status or student account information:

Email Dee Dee Hatch-Sanders at

UNM Dual Credit Process: PDF LINK

NMHU (11th & 12th grade)

AIMS students may begin NMHU classes the summer after sophomore year. AIMS students may only take online courses offered by NMHU. A 2.5 GPA is required for admission. An Accuplacer, SAT, or ACT score will be required for some courses.

Students can only take classes on the Dual Credit Master Agreement List.

NMHU Dual Credit Process PDF Link