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AIMS@ UNM is located in the University of New Mexico Science and Technology Park, which houses a multitude of Science and Technology businesses. It is the privilege of AIMS@UNM to be housed on this location, and it is our responsibility to present an image that in no way detracts from the business atmosphere of the Park. The purpose of the Albuquerque Institute for Mathematics and Science @UNM dress code is to create a professional, safe and respectful community where students can place their sole focus on learning. The dress code is in effect from the start of the school day until the end of the school day.



  • Students must wear a BLACK or WHITE short or long sleeved shirt with a collar at all times, with the exception of AIMS wear or (on Fridays) UNM Lobo wear shirts may not be excessively baggy and must be buttoned up. Shoulder seams must be at the shoulders, and shirts cannot hang down below mid thigh level. Jackets will not qualify as a replacement for a collared shirt. Jackets may be worn as long as they are not excessively baggy, shoulder seams are at the shoulders and jackets cannot hang below mid thigh level (tips of fingertips when arms are at the sides). If worn inside, jackets must allow a full view of dress requirements . Text on jackets or buttons that promotes violence, alcohol, gangs, tobacco or drugs is prohibited and clothing that is associated with a gang is not permitted.(determination made by the administration).



  • Black or tan pants must be worn. No excessive "sagging or baggy" pants (to be determined by faculty and administration).

  • Inseam of pants must be where legs and torso join. At no time may “sweat pants” be worn. Levi’s (blue jeans, denims) can be worn on Fridays only, and only with UNM Lobo shirts (with the same boundaries as above) or AIMS wear.



  • Students must wear shoes to school.

  • Earrings are acceptable, but no other visible piercings are permitted unless religiously required with confirmation. Students who have existing piercings must remove them during instructional time and when representing AIMS@UNM at any event (learning environments associated with AIMS@UNM).

  • Clothing, jewelry, or appearances that are determined by the administration/staff and or faculty to be distractive to the learning environment will not be permitted.

  • Any AIMS@UNM logo attire approved by AIMS@UNM Administration is acceptable.




The faculty, staff and administration of AIMS@UNM reserve the sole right to interpret and enforce the student dress code. Parents of students who violate the dress code will be required to pick up their children within one hour of notification by AIMS@UNM, unless other arrangements with administration are made, to return home in compliance with the dress code. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from AIMS@UNM.