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Sensi Paul

Sensei Paul Deherrera is a physical education teacher at AIMS and has taught at the school since 2012. Deherrera's class aims to establish perseverance and persistence. He wishes that the students he instructs learn the ability to work harder than anyone else.

- Cade Higgins


Ohafi Faruk is a senior student at AIMS and has been attending the school since 6th grade in 2017. Ohafi is a hardworking student who has earned straight A's throughout the years. He describes his classmates as hardworking individuals, while the teachers are good mentors...

- Cade Higgins

Kit Fox

Liliana Fox is an 8th grade student who first came to AIMS in 6th grade. Liliana's classmates are generally friendly, hardworking students who learn well from their teachers. Liliana describes the coursework as "fun and engaging," making learning easy.

- Cade Higgins

Gabriel Gurule

Gabriel Gurule is an AIMS graduate alumni, attending AIMS from his 8th grade class in 2018 to his senior year in 2021. Throughout his high school classes, Gabriel found the AIMS’s dual credit system extremely useful. AIMS was worth the struggle.

- Cade Higgins