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Albuquerque Institute For Mathematics and science




AIMS@UNM is New Mexico's #1 charter school. For 12 years we have provided an extraordinary education to students in the Albuquerque metro who are interested in pursuing careers requiring advanced math, science, and technology skills. We have been A-rated in the past six years by NM Public Education Department and have scored highest in national PARCC and international PISA. We offer award-winning academics and a wide selection of extra-curricular activities ranging from competitive math and science teams to sports and other competitive athletics. 

AIMS is the New Mexico charter school you have been looking for that will provide your children with challenging curriculum and all the support necessary to help them achieve their academic dreams. AIMS@UNM will educate an intellectually single-minded blend of culturally, ethnically and economically diverse students in a culture of rigor and strength of fortitude, preparing them for early college entrance driven by motivation, fueled by innovation and guided by a spirit of public service. It will prepare its graduates for post-secondary education, gainful employment, and leadership in New Mexico's high technology industry.

Students at AIMS@UNM will enroll concurrently at the University of New Mexico during their junior year, and begin working on their college education while earning their high school diploma.







AIMS at UNM wants to support all students in a safe and equitable learning community. If you feel you have been a target or witnessed racially charged incidents or racialized aggression you can report it to the New Mexico Public Education Department using the following link:

Link coming soon.

We define racialized aggression as any aggressive act which can be characterized, categorized, or which appears as such to be racial in nature. 


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